Sunday, February 25, 2007

Old Eagle Claw Fiberglass Fly Rod

At a fly fishing show yesterday I won this cool old rod in a raffle. It's already hanging on the wall, but I really need an old reel to go with it. I'm not going to use it, it just looks neat on display. If it was worth much it likely wouldn't have been in this particular raffle. But I'm having trouble finding anything out about it. I'm assuming it's fiberglass. Can anyone take a guess as to how old this might be? My friend Matt, who was there when I won it, said it looked like it came from the '60s, and I think that seems about the right era. Also, if anyone has a reel that doesn't work but might look good with this, contact me by commenting or email me at Thanks.


Tom Chandler said...

Is this the 4-pc pack rod? The "first fly rod" for so many backcountry fly fishers?

The Fiberglass fly rod fanatics at the fiberglass rod board could help you date it:

I would guess late 60's to mid 70's.


Ed. said...

Exactly, it came with the original tube that says exactly that on it. I'll check out that site, thank you!

Steve Baker, Tennessee said...

I have a couple of rods just like that out in my barn. Mine were bought about 1974