Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Maybe you should let your honor student drive.

Snow on the ground plus warming temperatures equals fog. This morning I drove to work through a lot of it. I noticed, as I always do, that in severe fog conditions, roughly half the people on the road have their headlights on. Half. I can count them as they drive 60 mph coming the other direction. Can't people see that other lane and realize, "wow, the cars with headlights on, I can see from a hundred yards away, but the cars without headlights on, I can't see until they're right next to me! I wonder if I were to turn left, if I would benefit by the oncoming traffic having their headlights on as they barrel toward me, or if, in turn, they would benefit by being able to see me?" Nope.


Gail said...

Hi Ed.
You know what else? The most popular color for cars seems to be gray or silver. You know, the color of FOG. Perfect camouflage!

Ed. said...

But at least out there in California, everyone drives hybrids that can't go faster than 40 mph!

tadcranky said...

When I first glanced at that pic, I mistook the fog for ice, and thought, "Damn, Ed's found someone that's out driving around with their car actually encased in ice." I didn't know you had been to Arlington recently.