Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Black Snake Moan

This Week's Challenge: Convince my wife that 'Black Snake Moan,' a movie I know little about other than Christina Ricci seems to run around in her panties the entire time, is a movie that must be seen. That it must be seen because it is a unique and powerful film, because the music is great and the reviews better. I must convince her of this and I must do it - and I know this from experience - without using the words "Christina Ricci" or "panties."

I could try the Samuel L. Jackson angle. "Hon, did you see commercials for that new Samuel L. Jackson movie coming out? He was awesome in Pulp Fiction!"

Then quick before she can think, hit her with "The guy who wrote it also wrote Hustle and Flow. We should put that on Netflix, I heard it was great!"

Maybe wrap it up with the music approach. "The title comes from an old Blues song, I guess there's a lot of cool music in it also. We should go check out some live music soon, we haven't done that in a while!"

What do you think? I know. Forget it.


tadcranky said...

How about "Jusin Timberland is really coming into his own as an actor?"

Ed. said...

Well it has to be at least a LITTLE bit believable...