Saturday, March 31, 2007

Great value in waders

I forgot to mention that my Rose River outing marked the first time I used these new waist-high waders from Cabelas. I've only been fly fishing a few years, so what made sense at the beginning - buying equipment that can likely be used in a broad set of circumstances and conditions - doesn't make as much sense now. Buying breathable chest waders that can be used in low water or higher water was more practical than buying waist highs AND chest waders, especially considering I was also buying every other thing I needed all at the same time.

But I really do feel stupid for not buying something like this earlier. They're currently on sale for $99, and are extremely comfortable. Almost all of my trout fishing is done in streams that, though containing deep pools, are fished from water less than knee-deep. I will get a LOT of use out of these.

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