Friday, February 29, 2008

What's Spanish for 'Lunker?'

So my buddy Matt emails me today with an offer that, without pictures, would have seemed silly. His friend John (that's John in the photo) went bass fishing down in Mexico and had a great time. We should go, Matt suggested. Well, first of all, if I went fishing in Mexico, surely I'd be fly fishing for some exotic roosterfish or mountain brown trout, right? I mean people don't go to Mexico for BASS! Do they?

Well they sure do and not only can I not blame them, but I'm thinking Matt's offer to join John on his next trip might be a pretty great time. The place is Anglers Inn, and they offer all inclusive packages with insane numbers of huge bass, and some business about an open bar (a dangerous proposition with Matt and I involved).

These fish like topwater lures, so I bet a popper on a fly rod would be a ton of fun. I've never been south of the border, but it might just be a double-digit pound bass that lures me there!

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