Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Evening Brook Trout

This evening I went with some friends to Big Hunting Creek. Or, as I call it, The Creek At Which I Have Never Even Come Close To Catching A Fish. But the weather was perfect, water was low but not as bad as I expected. And it wasn't too long before fish were being caught. I figured, at least I can SEE someone catching a fish here, not a total loss.

The guys were catching mostly Brook trout, with an occasional brown thrown in. Beautiful fish all. My friend Kevin pointed out to me that - and the light was too low to use polarized sunglasses - you can actually pick up the white 'trim' on the tips of the brookies' fins. So that's how I spotted and, ultimately, caught my single fish of the day (above).

But he sure is pretty, and I believe that's safely the largest brook I've ever caught (I've only caught about five total). And I have caught zero fish enough times that One fish is almost always just fine with me. Today was one of those days.


Jorge said...

Nice brook trout. Here in Spain, we call it "salvelino".


Jay said...

Hi Ed,

how are you doing?
Looks like you're having some quality time with fishing. Nice brookie!

I have a trip planned for in two weeks.

Take care,


Ed. said...

You coming to the U.S. in two weeks? Send me details if you are. Nice to hear from you.

This summer the smallmouth fishing has been pretty disappointing. I'm looking forward to fall trout. I'm going to Maine in October for landlocked salmon, whatever those are. I'm looking forward to seeing Maine and possibly a moose.