Saturday, August 04, 2007

Close Call with a Carp!

It's been a while since I caught a fish. And today wasn't going very well - the river was up, which I didn't expect (it's been very dry), and it just wasn't really working. I spent a lot of time not fishing, looking for places to cross, etc. But I hiked a long way and got some sun and exercise, so all was not lost.

So there's this big still pool I need to get around in this particular spot on the Shenandoah, I had just about given up on fishing when I saw some huge carp feeding. At least my understanding of feeding is, they brush the bottom with their tails, stirring up sediment and yummy little carp treats, then spin around and feed on what's been stirred up. The water was not clear, but was shallow enough that I could witness this behavior.

I didn't even bother to change the fly (I don't have any 'carp' flies) so I just lobbed the black wooly bugger that was on my line in the middle of the stirred up sediment a few times. I felt a tug, set the hook and thought my day's luck had changed. In no time at all he had taken half my flyline in a straight line, making that torpedo wake like you see in the movies all the time.

But just a few moments later, the line went slack. When I pulled the wooly bugger back in, I noticed a single carp scale afixed to the point. Looks like I had foul hooked him.

However, feeling the weight of that carp on the line, and knowing many spots nearby where I often spot carp, I am more commited than ever to carry some carp-appropriate flies and try to catch one of those huge ugly bastards.

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