Sunday, August 05, 2007


Well, sitting around on a Sunday waiting for the work week to start didn't sound like the smartest plan. So I decided to take the 3-weight across the street and stir up my neighbor's pond, hopefully get to remember what it feels lke to catch a fish again. I used a little beetle pattern and caught this very large (in my opinion) sunfish on about the second cast. A big sunfish can put a bend in a little 3-weight, and it's a lot of fun.

Then my wife came over with a few beers in a cooler. She also arrived just in time to mock me for catching this bad boy.

I think I foul hooked an egg and it hatched while I was stripping in and this is the end result. I told her, "I think this is the smallest fish I've ever caught." She replied, "I think that's the smallest fish ANYONE has ever caught!"

Regardless, I forget how much fun it is to catch sunnies on a light rod. I recommend it if you have any ponds nearby.

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Matt said...

Hey bud! August 5th was that last update?? Am I gonna have to stop working on my house and do some fishing here and send you pictures? Seriously though, Beth and I love reading you blog and look forward to your updates!