Monday, September 03, 2007

Fun with Dogs

Recently I got this fishing boat and although I'm still getting comfortable with it (my first boat), we decided to spend the day with the dogs at lake in nearby Pennsylvania.

My dog, the German Shorthair shown here trying to climb into my pockets, is a supposed hunting breed, with webbed feet for supposed water navigation. Well she enjoyed splashing around from shore (although she is a truly awful swimmer), I have to say she just plain did not dig the whole boat thing.

My wife's dog, the Jack Russel Terrier - from the Latin Terra, I believe, meaning ground - is a breed designed to go into holes in the ground and such things, and probably shouldn't be the more adept at water sports than the Shorthair. But he's a natural. And by 'natural,' I mean being on a moving boat is such second nature to him that, while moving at top speed he very much wishes to simply walk off the front of the boat into the water.

But the whole episode was amusing and fun, and I made a little home movie of our day that you can view here.

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