Thursday, September 27, 2007

Well it was bound to happen...

I have never broken a fly rod.

Correction: I have only broken one fly rod.

This is my Orvis Clearwater 5wt mid flex. My first fly rod. It's given me years of good service. I wish I had a great story about its demise. Something with the words 'monster brown trout' and 'screaming reel' and 'shattered into splinters but the beast still ended up in the net.'

But my story is more like most people's stories of broken rods. I ran over it with my car.

Oh the details are not important. Rod propped against a mirror, a door closed in a hurry to beat a rainstorm, a beer and a conversation later providing more than enough time to forget the rod. Backing up, an awful noise accompanied by instant realization. I opened the door, saw the rod and reached for it. Didn't budge. Maybe because the front wheel was pinning it to the ground. When I pulled forward to free it I was relieved to find that the butt section was intact. The tip, however, was not so lucky.

And to add insult to injury, this is the last fish ever caught with it.


opax said...

A few weeks ago my friends and I walked about 100 yards in a forest to riverbank. At the riverbank one of my friends noticed that tip of his fly rod was broken. We don't know how it happened but it did.

It was not an expensive rod, but a good one. He bought a new piece for about twenty dollars.

Joel said...

Ed, consider yourself lucky my friend. I have broke three rods this year! Two in the last week! One Sage XP and One Winston BIIx. The Winston one hurts a little because it is my streamer rod and I need it in a bad way this time of year. Sure hope those they fix it fast!

Ed. said...

Opax: Many, many times I've been walking through the woods and jammed a rod tip into a tree or hooked it on a branch and wondered why it didn't break, I guess sometimes they do!

Joel: I have GOT to get up there for some fall streamer fishing, brother.

Orvis has been awesome. In fact, an Orvis employee I do not know, read my blog and emailed me privately to make sure I was aware that I could send the rod back to them. They're taking care of me.

I remember when I bought this rod, and it was my first, Murray from Hunting Creek Outfitters in Frederick, Maryland talked me into the Clearwater over their lower end rod, the Stream something, because of the no questions asked warranty. Thanks Murray!