Monday, January 08, 2007

Shopping for Weather

Anyone who has ever really looked forward to something, whether it's out of town or not, has probably done what I did this morning. A friend and I are going steelhead fishing in upstate New York this Saturday, we're taking a guide and this is our first time steelheading. A greatly anticipated outing. So this morning I checked the weather online for Saturday in Pulaski, NY.

35 and 'rather cloudy.' Sounds pretty good, really. But it could be better. So I do the logical thing and check another weather site. This one had similar temps but included chance of rain (not a bad thing) and freezing rain (a bad thing). So I did what you have to do if you want to control future weather conditions at a distant location: I checked yet a third site. Now we're talking! 43 degrees with showers. Sounds like steelheading weather to me! But with so many conflicting forecasts, can I really trust it? I felt like a gambler in a casino as I let it ride and rolled the dice again: Another 43 with showers!

Not only did I shop around for the forecast I wanted, but I found it twice. How can I be anything short of confident that conditions will be favorable for fishing this Saturday?


Trout Underground said...

"A man with one watch knows what time it is. A man with two is never sure."
--somebody, somewhere

opax said...

Sounds like an interesting weekend whatever the weather will be. I hope that you have a good trip!

Ed. said...

I talked to the guide a couple days ago, and he listed among reasons we would not fish: dangerous wind chill and blizzard conditions. I think our chances are good to at least avoid those two. Hard to even imagine all that, I'm six hours south of there and I can't remember the last time it went below 50 degrees here!

opax said...

Ouch. I didn't think that the weather could be reason not to fish. I hope that there will be no blizzards!