Monday, January 22, 2007

A Previous Life

Almost three years ago, I picked up a fly rod for the first time. My golf clubs have been gathering dust ever since. But Wednesday we're heading down to Florida for a few days to visit some family and get away from work and winter for a while. My father in law loves to golf and told me to bring the clubs, so I dug them out of the basement. Something else you should know about my father in law: his house is right on the Intracoastal Waterway. So I figured that golf bag has room for one extra club.

I'm bringing my 8 weight because the reel that goes with it has a non-corrosive finish that will be okay in saltwater. But I have no idea what kind of fish are in there, if they are catchable, or how to catch them. But it's definitely worth a try, so I'll bring some baitfish patterns and other streamers, and see what happens. What's the Florida state record for a manatee caught on a fly?

This is kind of funny and I hadn't thought about it until I hauled these clubs out for a photo. But it seems that even before I all but gave up the game for an even quieter sport, I must have had fishing on my mind...

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Flytimes said...

Take a smaller rod for the bass ponds and freshwater canals. I understand that those can be fun.