Friday, January 05, 2007

Photo of the Week

This week's photo comes from my favorite place: Montana, courtesy of Joel of Rock Creek Cattle Company. Joel promises large western trout and cold Montana microbrews when I come out there in July and I will hold him to at least one of the two. Thanks Joel!


iris said...

Hey Ed,
Looks like a great spot to wiggle a pole at. Cold, but beautiful. I quite enjoy reading your blog, and I envy the sheer amount of time you have to spend in pursuit of little finned rascals! Happy fishing in 07.

Ed. said...

Oh, trust me. I do not spend a lot of time pursuing those little finned rascals. I spend a lot of time pursuing much, much larger rascals, and these little ones get in the way. But truthfully, the tug of life at the end of the line is exhilerating, no matter how subtle.

Joel said...

Hi Ed!
Just so you know, there is a really sweet hole right below that big rock in the picture! I know this because I have yanked a few fatties from there this past fall.

Nice site!


Ed. said...

Thanks! I hope we can find a little time to fish together when I'm out there in July, Joel.