Sunday, July 08, 2007

Montana: Chapter 1, The Cabin

My friend Joel and his wife Debbie graciously invited my wife and I to their cabin on a remote Montana lake to stay for a night. It was an absolutely perfect way to immerse ourselves in the beauty and wilderness of Montana on our vacation. This was my second time to the Big Sky state, and my wife's first.

This cabin sits at the end of a sixteen mile road that begins as gravel and steadily gets worse. It seemed to take almost an hour to get up there, although coming back down the next day was not as harrowing, maybe because on the way up we had no idea how far it was. But the payoff is amazing. We cooked burgers on the deck and toasted the start of our vacation with excellent microbrews, complements of our generous hosts. Then they headed back to town and left us there at the cabin for the night. Probably the furthest from civilization I have ever been, but it was exhilerating.

In the morning we took the boat out for a few hours and I caught two absolutely beautiful brook trout. It was just the perfect start to our trip, but we had to hit the road, there was much more to see and do. Luckily, Joel and Debbie will make another appearance in our vacation recap. Stay tuned for Chapter 2, The Rodeo...


opax said...

It's looking good, Ed. Enjoy the vacation!

Ed. said...

Thanks! We're home already, it'll just take me a little time to go through the 200 pictures I took and get it up on the blog. Getting back to work is going to be difficult, to say the least!