Monday, July 09, 2007

Montana: Chapter 2, North to Polson

Still glowing from our Montana isolated lake experience, we passed through a town called Arlee just as a rodeo was beginning. It was part of a larger 4th of July celebration and seemed like the perfect thing to do. It was an extremely well run event and was lots of fun despite the record high temps. A couple of icy cold beers took the edge off the baking sun and when the action was over we continued on to Polson and Flathead Lake.

Flathead Lake was a beautiful setting for 4th of July fireworks. Tough to capture without a tripod, I tried to stabilize my digital camera on a sign post for this shot.

Glacier Brewing Company is a Must if you find yourself near Polson, MT and enjoy great beer in a great atmosphere. A year ago when I first visited, the tasting room had only 4 or 5 barstools. But they vastly expanded the tasting room and have an outdoor beer garden as well. This year, ten bottles of Golden Grizzly Ale made it back in my suitcase. Interestingly, I did get one of those TSA cards that lets you know they looked in your luggage, it was wrapped around one of the beer bottles, which was rolled into a shirt. Now I'm trying to remember, did I start with twelve Grizzlies??

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