Thursday, April 26, 2007

Assignment America: Project Healing Waters

This Friday, CBS News is going to preview three stories for their Assignment America segment. Viewers then go online and vote for which story they would like to see covered on next week's show. One of the stories is about Project Healing Waters, an organization near and dear to me.

Project Healing Waters serves our brave Armed Forces and Veterans who have come home wounded or injured by aiding in their physical and emotional recovery by introducing or rebuilding the skills of fly fishing and fly-tying. Since 2005, PHW has been offering its fly-fishing and fly-tying program to the patients at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, with proven results for over forty recovering wounded. This year, additional programs have cropped up all over the country.

If the voters select the PHW story, CBS will send a crew on Sunday to cover an event we're having on Long Island and run the story next Friday. So if you can, please go to after the Friday evening broadcast, click on the Assignment America icon, and vote for the Project Healing Waters story. The exposure that CBS News can give to such a worthy cause would do a lot of good for a lot of truly remarkable men and women.


Murdock said...

I'll be casting my vote and linking to this post. Maybe we can get some publicity for this great group.

Ed. said...

That's awesome, Murdock, thanks so much for the link!!