Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My next dog was born today!

I was third in line for a female out of this litter of Wirehaired Vizslas. An early ultrasound of the mother indicated probably at least six dogs, but those are inaccurate at best. So I had my fingers crossed when the breeder called me this evening. Three boys and SIX girls!!

So middle of September we'll take a road trip up to Illinois and pick up my fishin' buddy/huntin' dog/couch potato/car ridin' pal/troublemaker/Best Friend!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Very cool. Names?

I'm thinking Zsa-Zsa as Zsa-Zsa Gabor is (was?) Hungarian.

Don King is wire-haired, perhaps Donna?

Naming her Sandy would be a beautiful honor for your wife...


Matt said...

Excellent! Hopefully the obedience training will go as well as it has with Gromit.

Ed. said...

Yeah, naming the dog the same name as my wife wouldn't cause any problems at all around the house. Excellent idea!

I am pretty close to a name but I won't unveil it until I'm comfortable with it. Stay tuned!