Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Remote Stream Never Before Fished

NASA found some water on Mars today. The article was pretty technical, written by some scientist so I haven't actually read it. But from the picture it looks like it's probably pretty hard to get to. But I'm sure it won't be long before some fly fishing magazine will come out with an article about how to access this spot and how great the fishing is and if you get there early in the Martian morning the dust hatch is in full swing and those green, three-eyed tentacled fish -- who fight surprisingly hard considering the lack of atmosphere and gravity -- will take anything you throw at them. Then next thing you know our astronauts will go up there only to find a loudmouth pack of Russian anglers already camped out at the best damn hole on the planet. Furthermore, you just know they'll be standing right where they should be fishing.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ed, You don't have to go to Mars to catch three-eyed tentacled fish. Just hit the Potomac river and I am sure you can get one along with the trans-gender mutations that people are pulling out of there.

Ed. said...

Very true!