Thursday, December 07, 2006

Free Money!

A couple weeks ago I was calling around Orvis stores looking for a stray extra spool for my discontinued Battenkill Large Arbor IV reel. I reached a guy in a store who said the New York City store didn't have a spool, but had an entire reel. Being discontinued, he thought the NY store should give me a hefty discount on the awkward sized reel, but to ensure that I'd get that hefty discount, like if the guy tried to get more than $200 for it, he gave me a coupon number good for $50 off a purchase of $200 or more. Well the NY store didn't have the reel anyway, and I've since rethought my position on that particular reel/spool.

Yesterday I got an email from Cabelas, with a $10 coupon for writing a product review on some wading boots. Within nine seconds of getting that email I was hitting the 'Submit' button on a $56 Cabelas order of stuff that I did not need enough to buy two days ago, but evidently was absolutely required the moment I could get it for $10 off. Having possession of an Orvis coupon that is worthless until I reach $200 in merchandise is simply not a good thing.

So, and yes this has been a test to see if you would read this far, if any of my vast numbers of regular readers would like a coupon number for Orvis that may be worth $50 off a $200 purchase, I will give the number to the first person who requests it in the comments section of this post. DISCLAIMER: I haven't tried to use this coupon number, but I guess it's possible that either the guy who gave it to me was making it up, or also that maybe it was just good for one day or a week or whatever. But I believe it to be valid, just make sure it is before you spend $200 on stuff you didn't need and then blame me for it.


Joel said...

Hi Ed! Just wanted you to know that I read all the way through, but I don't want the $50 from Orvis. Not a big orvis fan.


Ed. said...

I started with Orvis because it was the first place I went when I got hit with this bug. So my first rod is an Orvis rod and all my reels are Orvis. But I have to say, I think my favorite piece of equipment is a 7'6" 3-wt Sage rod I picked up for little trout streams around here. When it comes time to get my next rod I will shop a lot of different brands.