Saturday, November 25, 2006

Photo of the Week (of Sept. 1, 1977)

I knew this photo existed somewhere in my house and have been looking for it since I recently started putting together a fishing photo album. This is me, age fourteen, 25 miles off Cape Hatteras. This Mahi wasn't caught on a fly, and it doesn't take a very close examination of the photo to see that proper catch and release procedures were not precisely followed. But a noteworthy catch nonetheless. Particularly since all my previous fish to date consisted of bluegill, most of whom had swallowed the worm and hook as I carefully pondered the movement of the bobber on the water. My Dad, and this was actually the last fishing trip we took together, wrote '28 lbs' on the back of the picture. I don't remember if it was actually weighed or not, that may have been a Dad-friendly estimate. I do remember these fish are really skinny though, seems like a 28-pounder would have to be a bit larger than this.

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opax said...

That is a nice fish. It's good to take a look at old photographs.